Muizenberg Community Safety Initiative: Constitution


1. Establishment

The Muizenberg Community Safety Initiative (MCSI) is established as a community service provided by the residents of and people working full time in Muizenberg – to assist themselves and the South African Police Service (SAPS) in the prevention and reporting of crime in the area and to be an integral part of the Community Police Forum (or its successor).

MCSI strives for a friendly community where law abiding people are safe from all forms of danger or harassment at all times.

2. Aims

  • To create a community that is safe and secure for all residents and visitors at all times.
  • To provide a crime prevention and reporting organization that serves as “eyes and ears” for SAPS in the area.
  • To provide information to the Muizenberg Police Station in respect of unusual occurrences in the area which may indicate that a crime is taking place or may be about to take place.
  • To provide residents (owners and tenants alike) with information regarding community safety and crime prevention in the area.
  • To encourage neighbours to accept a measure of responsibility for their own safety, including reporting suspicious occurrences in their immediate area which would include, but not be limited to, criminal activities in the area.
  • Any other activities which the MCSI may from time to time arrange to the advantage of residents (owners and tenants alike).

3. Management

The Community Safety Initiative will be managed by a committee consisting of, at least, the following office bearers:

  • Chairperson: The chairperson of the committee will be responsible for the co-ordination of the safety initiative activities within the area and will liaise with SAPS, Muizenberg Community Police Forum (CPF), Department of Community Safety (DoCS), other safety and security structures, and the press. The chairperson will also liaise with security service providers but remain unbiased to any one of them.
  • Deputy Chairperson: The deputy chairperson shall assist and stand in for the chairperson in any situations where the chairperson is unable to be present or in situations where the work load becomes too great.
  • Secretary: The secretary will be responsible for taking minutes of meetings and distributing them to all sector coordinators / street representatives prior to the following meeting. The secretary will also be responsible for establishing and maintaining membership records
  • Deputy Secretary: The deputy secretary shall assist the secretary by standing in for him / her as necessary and / or taking over responsibility for specific roles or aspects of the secretarial function.
  • Treasurer: The treasurer will be responsible for the management of MCSI funds and the preparation of a set of accounts which must be drawn up and be available at each Annual General Meeting. The treasurer will also establish and maintain an asset register, and a register of distribution of any assets of the CPF (e.g. radios) on loan to MCSI.
  • Committee Members: Any resident (owners and tenants alike) may serve as committee members and will be asked to undertake such functions as the committee deems necessary from time to time. This could include, but not be limited to, coordinating a sector or the activities of street representatives.

Committee members and / or office bearers of MCSI may co-opt additional assistance for the committee, provided that such co-opted members shall be bound to resign with the committee at the next Annual General Meeting. Committee members and co-opted members may stand for re-election if they so wish.

Quorum & Voting: a quorum at committee meetings shall consist of four (4) members of the committee. In the event of a tie of votes at committee meetings, the chair shall have the casting vote.

4. Election of the MCSI Committee

The nomination and election of Committee Members shall take place at an Annual General Meeting which shall be held no later than the end of November each year. During their terms of office they will be held to confidence regarding all committee matters and are to remain unbiased to any security service provider who performs a service for residents / owners in the area. The committee shall be elected at the AGM, and at a meeting immediately following it each year, shall decide among themselves who will undertake each office during the year that they serve.

5. Membership of the MCSI

Membership of the MCSI is open to residents of Muizenberg, and to people working full time in the area. Muizenberg is defined as the area from the banks of Zandvlei in the East to Boyes Drive in the West, and from the St James border in the South to the Lakeside border in the North. Only such members shall be entitled to vote at General Meetings. No security service providers are eligible for membership, or may have a vote at AGM’s or any Special meetings, even if they own a property or are resident in the area.

6. Meetings

  • Committee Meetings: The MCSI committee will meet at least once every month at a suitable venue. In the event of an emergency, the Chairperson or other office bearer may at his / her discretion call a special committee meeting at a time and venue decided upon by him / her
  • Minutes of Meetings: Copies of minutes of meetings shall be distributed to all MCSI committee members within 3 days (72 hours) of such meetings, and to the Muizenberg SAPS Station Commissioner and the CPF Chairperson.
  • Annual General Meeting: After the first year, the Annual General meeting must be held not later than the end of November each year
  • Special General Meeting: A Special General Meeting may be called by a majority of the Committee members or by at least ten (10) ordinary members
  • Notice of Meetings: Notice of Annual General Meetings shall be distributed at least three (3) weeks prior to such meeting, and notices of Special General Meetings shall be distributed at least ten (10) working days prior to such meeting. Such notices shall include the proposed agenda of the meeting. In the case of the AGM, a summary of the financial statements shall accompany the notice.
  • Proxies: A resident / owner shall be entitled to appoint a proxy in writing to act and vote on his / her behalf in the event of being unable to attend an Annual General or a Special General Meeting
  • Quorum: A quorum for an Annual General and / or a Special General meeting will be a minimum of 15 members (owners and / or tenants)
  • Changes to the Constitution: Any changes to the constitution will require a two-thirds majority of MCSI members present at an Annual General and / or Special General Meeting. Proposed changes are to be published to all members with the notice of such meeting.
  • Election of Office Bearers and Committee members to take place at the AGM – each candidate to be proposed and seconded by members attending

7. Finance

The committee of the MCSI shall be empowered to open, operate and close an account with a registered financial institution within the Republic of South Africa if considered necessary by the committee. The nature of the bank account shall be determined by the committee at the time of its establishment.

The account shall operate for the collection of funds towards various projects to enhance safety and security in the area and the decision of the type of project will be taken by the committee from time to time. No equipment needed by any service provider shall fall under this category and no funds will be advanced towards their improvements to security for their business in the area.

The Treasurer must maintain records of income and expenditure and retain all supporting documentation. Such records and documentation together with the set of accounts shall be submitted at the Annual General Meeting for approval.

8. Disbandment

The MCSI may be disbanded only by a decision taken at an Annual General and / or Special General Meeting. In the case of failure to obtain an Annual General and / or Special General Meeting quorum after two (2) attempts, a petition of 25 proxies signed by members will serve to perform such an act. Such action of disbandment may not be decided by the committee acting on behalf of the owners / residents / tenants during their term of office.

Ratified at the Annual General Meeting held on 23 November 2009