Neighbourhood Watches are established under the provisions of the SA Police Services Act. To comply with the requirements of current legislation relevant to neighbourhood watches, members must be aware of the following formal provisions and sign a document indicating that they understand and accept them.


Muizenberg CSI is a voluntary association, not a legal person, and functions within the guidelines set out in the Western Cape Provincial Constitution and Code of Conduct for Neighbourhood Watch Structures. A copy of this protocol must be signed by each member before he/she takes part in any Muizenberg CSI activity. Copies of the WCPCCCNW document are available on request.

  • Muizenberg CSI is not a legal person and therefore does not have any powers at law to act or be acted upon. All individual members act in their own capacity as individuals, and any liability is in that capacity.
  • Muizenberg CSI cannot be responsible for any criminal actions or omissions that may be perpetrated by or against a member. All and any criminal or civil actions that may be instituted by or against a member of Muizenberg CSI will be by or against the member concerned, and not MCSI.
  • Any damage or injury to any member or to his or her property when he or she is acting as a member of MCSI is the sole and absolute responsibility of the member. MCSI carries no insurances whatsoever for members or their families or dependants. Members should satisfy themselves as to their legal position and in regard to insurances, etc.

Muizenberg CSI will be accountable to the SAPS in the first instance, and also to the Community Police Forum. Members will do all that is reasonably possible to assist the SAPS in carrying out their duties. This includes making reports and formal statements as necessary.


Accountability to the SAPS includes:

  • Assisting in crime prevention in the Muizenberg area (as defined in the MCSI constitution);
  • Adopting and supporting the crime prevention policy of the SAPS;
  • Operating within the framework of the law;
  • Having (but not necessarily exercising) powers similar to those of any other citizen to perform a citizen’s arrest as set out in the Criminal Procedures Act No. 51 of 1977.
Identity cards

All members of Muizenberg CSI will have identity cards (not only patrollers) These cards must contain a recent photograph of the member, his or her full names, ID number and legible signature. A driver’s license will do, and must be carried when on patrol.


Members of MCSI undertake:

  • To act at all times in a non-violent manner and within the provisions of the Law;
  • To report all criminal activity to appropriate authorities;
  • To respect everyone’s basic human rights and rights to privacy;
  • To refrain from any form of racism, sexism or other discriminatory behaviour;
  • To respect any confidential or privileged information they may acquire through MCSI;
  • Not to exploit membership of MCSI for personal or political gain or advantage;
  • To submit to appropriate disciplinary action in the event of being convicted of any crime, since the committee is obliged by law to take such action and publish the results.

To become a member, apply online or download the membership form, complete and sign it, and return to