What’s happening?

In between MCSI meetings, we like to keep in touch with members via Facebook so we can…

  • Provide safety tips and updates
  • Report on what’s happening in our community
  • And keep the “call to action” going: what is MCSI, how to join and get involved?

We need ad hoc “citizen journalists”

Our members enjoy hearing about what other Muizenbergies are up to – for example the other day we posted about residents who took to the street to make rat runners obey the one-way sign (people loved that!) or we posted about a lady who managed to overcome her mugger and got her bag back. We need “citizen journalists” to gather these stories (with pics is always good) which we can then share in combination with a call to action to join MCSI – this will increase our reach and impact a LOT. You can choose whether you’d like to be acknowledged as the source or remain anonymous.

We need safety tips and tricks

What do YOU do to keep safe? Have you read an article with good safety tips lately? We’re always looking for good ideas to share with our members.

We need to know what you want to know

What questions do you have? You can probably think of things you’d like to know more about, contact numbers you wish you had, situations you faced and wished you knew who to call. This will help MCSI to share the right information with our members.

<Disclaimer: most posts are reviewed first by an MCSI Committee member before being published>

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