The City of Cape Town is most likely not going to be rolling out free recycling to any more suburbs in the foreseeable future. Life’s like that!

HOWEVER, Recycling company Clearer Conscience is offering us an opportunity to do something to help protect our planet and preserve the natural beauty of the area we live in: they are offering residents in Muizenberg and surrounds a whopping 50% discount on recycling collections if 20 or more households sign up. Their normal rate is R60 per collection of up to 4 bags. Sign up for 2 collections per month and and pay for 6 months up front and you will pay only R330, which is a further discount. That’s R330 FOR 6 MONTHS!

Weekly collections would cost R500 for 6 months.

You could team up with a neighbour if you feel you don’t generate enough alone.

Collection varies from twice weekly to once a month, depending on your needs. The rate quoted is per collection of up to 4 bags. All we have to do is separate our recycling into bags and put those bags out on collection day. Couldn’t be simpler! They also take e-waste, bric-a-brac and clothes etc.

Check your conscience and check them out on or or

If you are keen to sign up and save yourself from hassle and unnecessary petrol costs, please complete the little form below and email to

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