MCSI Recycling Co-op

  • Nobody can dispute recycling is the way to go – and having a local drop-off point makes it much easier to do!
  • The less recyclable materials in our bins, the less people are attracted into the neighbourhood on bin days,
  • AND by giving us your recycling you will be making it easier for bin pickers to make money from it.


Drop off in Muizenberg is by 08h30 each Tuesday morning (for info on your closest drop-off point email It is then taken to Prince George Drive outside the cemetery gates, for collection by bin pickers at 09h00 – this way we don’t exclude those trying to make an honest living: we’re just moving the location and pre-sorting it for them.

What we need?

  • More people to start recycling
  • More drop-off points: if you think that you have a site that could work as a depot where recyclers can drop off and we can collect, please let us know
  • More bin pickers to be made aware of the arrangement


What can be recycled?

plastic bottles and containers, plastic bags that can stretch, cardboard, typing / photocopy paper, tins, glass, newspaper, broken appliances, old clothes, unwanted belongings, scrap metal. Keep it tidy! please bring everything clean and bagged :).

Future plans

We are hoping to expand this into a far larger initiative: a permanent recycling depot near Vrygrond, employing unemployed, collecting recycling from Muizenberg and surrounds, processing it and selling it direct to the big recycling firms. 

Recycling ready to go

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