Safety in numbers

A cliché, and yet the more people are switched on to safety matters in our immediate surrounds, the safer we become:

  • We notice suspicious people and notify each other about their presence via WhatsApp
  • We see a concerning situation and pro-actively telephone GRIT to come check it out
  • We know our neighbour enough to let him know if we go away to say “keep an eye out for me”
  • We have an emergency and can access help immediately from the community


You are part of our network and we rely on all our members to help spread the word and strengthen our presence.

Recruiting members

Sadly, many of our members have been recruited under adverse circumstances, for example a mugging in Palmer Road prompted an emergency meeting of surrounding houses during which many people heard that Muizenberg has a neighbourhood watch for the first time.

Some recruiting ideas:

  • Next time you bump into your neighbour parking their car, say howzit and ask if they are a member of MCSI already – point out the value of being hooked into the WhatsApp groups as a starting point…
  • Invite some neighbours for tea one afternoon to discuss safety – everyone wants to know what the inside of your house looks like, they’ll certainly come!
  • Use a safety incident as an opportunity for a call to action
  • There are also a couple of people who undertake to knock on doors from time to time and ask people if they have heard of MCSI and whether they’d like to join. If you’d like to join this fantastic group email for more details.


Point recruits to and for all the details. There is also a printed version of the membership form available for download if needs be.

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