MCSI Groups

When you become a member of MCSI you will automatically be added to two members-only WhatsApp groups which cover the entire membership area:

  • MCSI Alerts
    For high-priority “happening now” warnings or requests for help
  • MCSI
    A more general group for keeping in touch with the community on safety-related matters

Street Groups

In addition, several streets have their own local WhatsApp groups where they communicate about issues specific to that street – you do not need to be a member of MCSI to join one of these groups: you only need to be a resident of the particular street. Joining one of these groups is a good way to get to know your neighbours a bit better, and it’s also led to a number of people deciding to become members of MCSI down the line.

The following streets currently have dedicated groups:
Arthur, Clevedon, Cromer, Frankfort, Fraser, Hansen, Holland, Milner, Palmer, Upper Towers, Wherry

“The WhatsApp groups are a key means of communication for MCSI. We’ve achieved so much by keeping in touch on these groups: we mobilized the community to secure a problem building in Clevedon Road, we raised funds for a wheelchair for one of our members when he needed one, we raised awareness about the MID security contract so that we could all give input, if there are “dodgy people” on the street neighbours pop out for a look so they know we are watching them… And best of all you know what’s going on beyond your little patch: if there is an Alert neighbours from a couple of blocks away may come to your assistance where normally they wouldn’t have even been aware that there was a problem.” – Lisa

To join a street group – or start a group for your street – contact for details.

Do’s and don’ts

As with all social media platforms there are some do’s and don’ts – be familiar with them!

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