Maintaining city services…

Keeping the roads and pavements in good condition and the street lights working is the responsibility of the City of Cape Town. However, they don’t have enough staff to go around pro-actively checking that all is well: they rely on citizens to let them know when we see something wrong.

Once a suburb starts to look neglected and a bit seedy it invites the criminal element to take advantage of a perceived lack of attention. By making sure that the City keeps our suburb in good order we also send a subtle message to criminals: we notice, we care, we take action!

MCSI Street “Blitz”

Reporting street maintenance issues is something that can and should be done all year round, but twice a year MCSI organizes a special “blitz” on street problems. We ask you to volunteer to survey 2 or 3 streets near you and identify problems. Note the street name and the nearest number, take a picture, then email your findings to our co-ordinator who will compile a Report and send it to the Council for attention.

City of Cape Town response over the past couple of years has been excellent, with some issues being fixed within days of reporting – so it really does make a difference!

What’s it like?

“I just took my phone with me one morning while we were walking our dog and took pictures of missing drain covers and holes in the road as I went. I did 3 roads in 25 minutes so it was quite quick” – Nicola

Road badly in need of repair in Muizenberg Vilage

Road badly in need of repair in Muizenberg Vilage

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