MCSI Alerts can be used to:

  • report on crime as it happens
  • call for assistance

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MCSI can be used to:

  • alert your neighbours to suspicious characters in the area
  • communicate on safety and security issues

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Remember you can use text, voice, video and photographs on WhatsApp.

Keep the message short and to the point, you can always add more detail as the incident progresses: e.g. “suspicious person seen in Wherry Road, tall male, black jacket, hoodie – moving towards Albertyn Road” – a great first notification

  • No swearing, offensive language or rude remarks when sharing
  • No religious matters
  • No political matters
  • No disrespectful comments about people, law enforcement, security providers, etc. – we need to work with them
  • No fights or disagreements – take the disagreement out of the group
  • Try to limit the use of people’s names and identities/photographs. An exception is the sharing of information that is critical to ensure a positive outcome of the incident, e.g. the naming of the suspicious person
  • No personal opinions, unless it is pertinent to the incident
  • Keep it friendly!
  • And lastly, use common sense: if too many smileys and comments are posted, people will feel overloaded with irrelevant noise and leave the group



It’s an option in WhatsApp to message a group contributor individually (e.g. on Android press and hold the contributor’s name and then select Message… from the pop-up menu). This can be useful if you want to continue communicating with someone on a topic but don’t necessarily need the whole group involved any longer.